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Free Reviews for Free Books

As an author, podcaster, freelance writer, and blogger, I can not tell you how important constructive criticism is.

Without good constructive criticism, how can those of us that create content know if what we are doing is what our readers like and want more of?

In light of this, I have decided to offer free reviews of books in pretty much any genre. However, I do not accept any excessively religious or political works. Regardless of genre, all work needs to be edited and corrected prior to contacting me. If the book is formatted too poorly and is uncorrected, I will email you to let you know what you need to do before I can review your work.

Important things to remember: All of my book reviews are honest. I will give only accurate feedback based on plot, pace, characters, grammar, formatting, as well as several other areas that may need some insight. Be warned, honest opinions do not always come off as nice. However, all of my feedback is intended to be helpful to you, the author.

If you’re interested in a free book review, feel free to contact me at:

Please include:

Title, Author’s Name, Book Blurb (description), Length, and the locations to purchase the book (if any at the time).

I will post final reviews (rated on a Five Star Scale on the above listed focus points) on my blog, my social media pages, goodreads, Amazon (if applicable), B&N (if applicable), SmashWords (if applicable), and Kobo (if applicable).

If you are uncertain if your book qualifies for a free review, contact me at with any questions.

Remember: Book reviewers do get backed up on reading, please be patient!

Thanks! Happy reading and Writing!