First and foremost, I am a homeschooling mom of 3 amazing children in North Georgia, US. A mother and a teacher of all subjects. Even parents have there “thing” so to speak.

Although I take on many roles as a parent , such as: teaching life skills, maintaining the household, caring for elder parents, cooking (homemade mostly, not takeout and microwave), cleaning (after a family of 7); therefore; cook, waitress; maid; butler; teacher and I still find time to be Me

.I am a writer. That’s what I am, not just what I do. In my work as in my personal life, I pride myself on accuracy of truth, giving credit where credit is due with references at the foot of each article and keeping things organized. A writer needs an outlet, a system of readers, so I dedicate my writings to readers. Always welcoming ideas from readers, as research is a passion of mine as well.

So combining all the things I love in my life, here’s to the beginning of a brand new page in my life. Sharing the joys and hardships of the world with you, dear Reader.