This Thriller Of A Trilogy Is Back!

The Trilogy: Of Evil And Innocence is Back on Amazon!

This wild ride of a story is not intended for young readers, the judgmental, the faint of heart, or those who are looking for a simple mystery.

This story is slam packed full of a Hell on Earth kind of actions, suspense, drama, and horror.

After being out of publication for nearly a year- The Innocent, Soul Addictions, and Deadline: Battlefront eBooks are back on Amazon. The paperbacks will be available soon.

This trilogy was unpublished because the author decided to publish the uncut version of the story as a complete novel. However, after several readers and fellow authors encouraged her to republish these works for those that might want to read the story piece by piece, Raines decided to offer the story as a trilogy again.

Individual Book Blurbs:

  • The Innocent Blurb- It is believed to be true that for everything, there is an equal and opposite force. Purgatory is no different, except it’s equal and opposite is very brazen and evil.
    • Set in Heart Line, Missouri. Caleb and Gina are in a horrific accident that sent the into Raven Lake, Caleb’s persona becomes split but not in the traditional way. The evil portion takes on a living, breathing and very evil form. Four years later, earthquakes ravage the area, and a gate is opened to a hellish place allowing the inhabitants inside to enter The Natural World.
    • The evil persona attacks Gina (Caleb’s fiancé) but this proves to be the least of their worries as those who have been long dead and confined to this hellish Purgatory begin to resurface and reside in and around Raven Lake Woods, unleashing havoc on the townspeople.
    • A handful of people in the town have suspected something wasn’t quite right at Raven Lake, they discover a second lake that serves as a gate to a the twisted version of Purgatory. Caleb and Gina get the help of some of the people of Heart Line in an attempt to stop the treachery from killing more people and destroying their town.
  • Soul Addictions Blurb- After attempting to close the gate to The Dead Cell, Melody finds out they were unsuccessful. Melissa Clavice wants to move forward with the bridge project in the woods, in hopes that the construction will destroy the gate and stop the dead inhabitants from claiming all of Heart Line. Sidetracked by catastrophe after tragedy, the entire crew from Jack Preston’s construction company decides to help, regardless of the risks involved.
    • More death and destruction sends some of the group back into town where they discover that the gates are not their biggest problem. Adele Cole, the new Overseer of The Dead Cell has set an army of her own to start a war against Baal himself. Baal, has been sentenced to rule over everything and everyone in The Dead Cell since he and his people of Balial were cast out, deemed not fit for Heaven nor for Hell. Adele’s manipulations could kill everyone in Heart Line, possibly destroy the entire existence of mankind in the process.
    • The people of Heart Line must race to figure out all the meanings of the new notes, letters and gifts to unravel the deeper mysteries that have been laying dormant in Raven Lake Woods before the damage has gone too far beyond repair.
  • Deadline: Battlefront Blurb- After the explosion that sealed The Dead Cell and opening Purgatory to allow the safe passage of worthy souls, Melissa Clavice is visited by a relative of Caleb’s, who returns the gift she had abandoned, remind Amanda of the gift she had hidden away and to give them a startling message.
    • Those that are left must piece together what is going on, how the dead are gaining access to The Natural World.
    • Are there more gates than they originally thought? Could Heart Line be the pulse of all entries for other, more terrifying gates? How are the people of Heart Line going to stop what could escalate into an all out war between God and the Devil himself? Will anyone step in to help, from either side of the gates?

Full Trilogy In One Volume

Of Evil And Innocence- Full Trilogy: Special Edition

The full trilogy is also, once again, available in one full volume. Of Evil And Innocence eBook is on Amazon, the paperback will be available soon.

Of Evil And Innocence Blurb-

  • This Special Edition Contains: Book I: The Innocent, Book II: Soul Addictions and Book III: Deadline: Battlefront.
    • In the small town of Heart Line, Missouri; there is an odd chain of events that allows the dead to return as living, breathing inhabitants.
    • A confusing twist, the inhabitants are not the un-dead, zombies or vampires; they are not cold to the touch but but as warm as any human there is in The Natural World. The Divine World as we once knew it as divided between Heaven and Hell takes on a whole new meaning as inhabitants of The Dead Cell emerge to seek out and kill the people of this town who’s only evidence of the inhabitants are held in some local books at the library and printouts, strange notes, birthrights and gifts.
    • Through trial and understanding, the people of Heart Line discover there is a very big difference between a soul of the dearly departed and a split soul of someone who only dies for a moment, the people mistakenly refer to the split souls as an alter persona, which is not exactly off the mark either as most of the splits are cruel and calculating killers.
    • As more and more chambers of The Divine World are discovered other than Heaven, Hell, Purgatory and The Dead Cell, the rulers of these chambers make themselves known and provide clues to how far off base the human perception of biblical times have been twisted by an unexpected instigator.
    • The questions remain: Who is doing this and why? Do they really intend on taking The Natural World as their own Kingdom by any means necessary? How can the people of Heart Line stop this catastrophic apocalypse as it seems to be centered in their town? Will they be able to find a way out before it’s too late? Will anyone step in and help the humans or will this chain of events cause an all out war between the levels and chambers of The Divine World?

The Layers Of Innocence- Uncut

The Layers Of Innocence is the uncut version of the Of Evil And Innocence Trilogy.

Rather than being a trilogy, broken into smaller books, The Layers Of Innocence is the full, uncut novel.

  • Not a zombie apocalypse, not a tug of war between Heaven and Hell- The Layers Of Innocence reveals a whole new way to look at the typical beliefs of good and evil.
    • What if Heaven, Hell and everything in between worked on a partnership? What if souls could split and search for the other half of themselves? What if their were gates that lead to Heaven, Hell, and all of their layers? What if some of those gates are breached? What if it brought on a war that could turn Heaven, Hell and their layers against themselves in a battle in a small town on Earth? Who could survive?
    • In the small town of Heart Line, Missouri, several people receive notes and gifts warning them of a war to come between The Divine World (Heaven, Hell and All of its layers) and The Natural World (Earth).
    • Caleb and Gina, as well as some of the other townspeople soon discover that having a near death experience has serious consequences- a blood thirsty split soul that will stop at nothing to find its other half.
    • Several deaths and battles bring to the surface some of the inhabitants of the layers of The Divine World that are only interested in keeping their place under lock and key, but with the split souls and the Overseers of The Dead Cell trying to manipulate all the layers of Heaven and Hell to claim the Earth above as their own?
    • As Godly and supposedly Ungodly forces work together to stop the treacherous events that will trigger an all out war to take place in The Natural World, the fighters soon discover that the war is just a simple decoy for someone else to move in and claim The Divine World.
    • Who is sending all of the messages and why? Who is behind all of the lies and manipulation? Can anyone survive this horrible war or is Heart Line doomed to a deadly fate? Can Caleb, Gina, their friends and family piece together all of the clues before its too late?

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