Coming Soon: Night Stalker II

Night Stalker II: Unit Of Corruption

Written By: Amy Lynn Raines & Michael John Millington

A Fictional Crime Story In The Making: First Peek

Unit Of Corruption Written By: Amy Lynn Raines & Michael Millington

Unit Of Corruption begins with some police officers in Midfield, Ohio hospitalized and under investigation for their actions in the Night Stalker cases.

An internal promotion that is almost unheard of seems almost like the natural solution to all the department’s problems that were left behind from the prior violent crimes. The entire precinct is angry about Internal Affairs being in their business, but are given strict orders by Cleary to answer any and all questions.

The police commissioner resigns without giving any reasons. The new commissioner seems to have taken a liking to Sheriff Jennifer Cleary, which tends to make her somewhat uncomfortable.

Two Rookies doing some paperwork see someone in the Cop Stop, a diner that officers in Midfield, Ohio frequented and loved. The diner was supposed to be closed at least until after the Internal Affairs investigation was over.

An explosion at the diner sends Cleary, her K-9 Ashanti, police officers, and fire trucks to a hellish scene that leaves the department reeling. The discovery of a body in the basement of the burned building leads Cleary and a young Rookie with some serious questions that seem to have no real answers.

  • Could the new wave of murders be the handiwork of someone who wants vengeance or revenge for the Night Stalker?
  • Why were two Rookies assigned together rather than being assigned to more experienced officers?
  • Will the presence of Cleary’s friend, Agent Sarah Andrews, be just the thing the town needs to stop the crime wave or will she be a target?
  • Will Hemsworth and Cleary’s relationship survive another murder spree that keeps them at odds or will they finally give up on their newly rekindled romance?
  • Will the badly beaten, former Sheriff Jerry Macon be exonerated of his supposed wrong-doings or will he clear his name of the stain the Night Stalker cases left on his jacket?

Night Stalker Book I

Night Stalker: Back Cover Blurb

Rookie cop Jennifer Cleary and her partner are called to a murder scene that echoes murders that happened almost twenty years prior. The homemade scattershot ammunition and the business card keep the police officers on the case chasing ghosts of the past to unravel the murders in front of them. Who are the unknown victims from the past murders? Who are the recent victims? What ties them together in the past and the present? Can a rookie on the job for less than six months solve the murders with the help of her partner, Matt Hemsworth? Or is this only the beginning for the Night Stalker and those that would die to protect him?

The Origins Of The Night Stalker Series

I, Amy Lynn Raines, began writing a thriller that barely had a half of a chapter. Roughly speaking, the beginning of the story was only about seven pages long. Even with my plot outline readily handy, I hit a serious bout of writer’s block.

My baby brother, who is a comedian podcaster trying to make it to the stage, had also hit his own writer’s block. He told me about his block over the phone, venting all the creative frustrations that were getting to him. I kept silent about my own problem and did my best to give him some advice about overcoming writer’s block.

Although I had tried every method I had passed on to him, none of them had worked for me at that point. However, I know that all writers and creators are different and need different techniques to get the creative juices flowing again. Whatever method he chose, I am still unsure how our conversation helped, it worked. He had turned out several of his hysterical comedy podcasts over the next few days.

Michael and I talk almost every day, about everything that crosses our mind. There is literally, never a dull moment. He was really happy that his block was over and we began discussing my own writings.

I had already self-published more than eight books across different genres. He knew about them, as did everyone in the family, but I had not really spoken about them or their contents to anyone at all. The reason for my silence is basically due to my upbringing.

I started out writing song lyrics and poetry, published a couple of songs that went no where, began writing short stories, then somehow made them much longer. No matter what I was writing, there was always the voices of most of my family in the back of my mind telling me that I was no good, untalented, and would never accomplish anything. The only real support I had was my husband, my children, my mother, and my youngest brother. Although, I did not realize the capacity of their support at the time. I really thought I was on my own.

During the conversation with Michael about his writer’s block finally ending, he asked me if I had ever actually had writer’s block. I pride myself on honesty, so I told him the truth about what I was dealing with at the time with my new story. He listened attentively and patiently.

To my immediate horror, he began laughing. At first, I was sure he would do the one thing that he had never done to me before- degrade my ideas and work. Michael was one of the few people in my life that had never belittled me for my creative writing.

When he stopped laughing, he started talking about the characters and what would be fun, sadistic, and downright brutal. It was then that I realized that he was not laughing at me, he was laughing because he was enjoying the creative side of my mind out in the open and he was genuinely enjoying it.

Through this conversation, he had effectively giving life to my characters. He went into such great detail, that I wound up going back to the first chapter and working in the ideas that he had given. As I was editing and writing, somehow, my main characters became visions of my brother.

The Sheriff Jerry Macon, is literally based on my little brother’s endearing nature of protecting those he cares about, violently if necessary. The Night Stalker, himself, is literally based on Michael’s outwardly sadistic and evil minded comment and ideas.

The story came together within two weeks. Before the next week was over, I had the cover ready and had proudly placed both of our names on it. If not for Michael, and the wonderful world of imagination we have always shared, Night Stalker would never have made it past the first half chapter. The ideas in the completed story are mostly Michael’s, my fingers typed the words and my story weaving brought the ideas together in the beautiful horror story they are now.

Almost a full year later, we have begun collaborating again to get the next story of our Night Stalker tale started. We readily agreed on several elements, and I have already typed the first four chapters of the story. To my great relief, we have not hit a writer’s block. Unit Of Corruption is coming along nicely, and should be completed in less than two months. The goal is to have it available by October at the latest.

If you haven’t read Night Stalker, and you’re interested in Crime Thrillers, you may want to go ahead and get a copy of the paperback or the eBook. Follow any of the links in this post or click on the image of Night Stalker. You will be redirected to the Amazon page where the book can be purchased.

Keep your eyes open for the release date of Unit Of Corruption, the second installment of the Night Stalker series.

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