Procrastination, Anxiety, Stress, Or Depression?

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Stuck In The Same Place

Do you ever feel like there is so much going on in your life that everything has somehow come to a standstill?

The turmoil over what needs to be done, what you should be doing, finding the time to actually do them, and prioritizing everything that is a priority becomes so overwhelming that you feel frightened, discouraged, unimportant, and somehow strung out at the same time?

If you feel like you’re stuck in the same place while you are trying to do what needs to be done, or that life is just piling up and you can not find your way through the grief over the stress, you might actually be just overwhelmed.

Just for the record, this is not the definition of laziness, procrastination, or a lack of priorities. It does not necessarily mean you are messy or disorganized either. It could actually be a sign of depression or anxiety.

So Much Stress

During these trying times, people are finding themselves stuck at home with mountains of things to do and errands to run. Most of the things on their personal ‘to do’ list are not really that big of a deal as a stand alone task. When the list is long and full of tasks that look small, it can make you feel pressed for time, even though you actually have the time at the moment to knock some of that list out.

Would you be surprised to learn that the antagonization is not from the ‘to do’ list, the errands, or even the amount of tasks that need to be accomplished?

Why is there so much stress right now?

Believe it or not, most of the overall stress is not from the seemingly unending list. The real problem is that your mind and body are accustomed to a certain way of life that has now been either upended, completely disrupted, or seems otherwise out of sorts.

Recognize the problem:

Prior to the pandemic, our lives have were already consumed with numerous tasks that were being completed without us even thinking about them. Now we are in a state of social distancing that has dramatically affected the way we live our lives and do daily things.

Our social lives, personal lives, work lives, and in some cases, our love lives have been significantly impacted by the way things are going that our minds and bodies are having a hard time keeping track of what is going on. The numerous things we didn’t have to think about to accomplish have all but vanished as the job pool dries up and social distancing takes it’s toll, while the simpler things that need to be done look erratic and intimidating.

Our lives are suffering in so many ways in our new way of life that was forced upon us rather than chosen, that everything we need to be doing feels too big to accomplish or completely wrong.

A Systematic Fix

While there is no sure fire cure to anxiety and depression that is caused by feeling closed in and cut off from life, there are some things that can help lessen the impact the imposed depression has on our lives.

For example, you could:
  • prioritize your priorities.
  • stop dwelling on things that can not be controlled.
  • complete a minor task, stop, then do another.
  • break the list into quarters by what tasks are most important, semi-important, what can be done later and what can not be put off.
  • do not stop in the middle of a task to complete another. This makes the stress worse because you eventually have to go back and finish the first task anyway.
  • make new connections, talk to new and like minded people that are available to socialize in between working, even if it’s simply by text or phone.
  • make plans for the future that brighten your day. Setting goals is never a bad thing.
  • share funny memes on social media even if you post nothing else. If the memes make you laugh, more than likely they will make someone else laugh too. You’re spreading happiness this way.
  • Go through the social feed and actually leave a kind comment for people you don’t actually know. You have socially interacted and made someone else feel less alone and depressed.
  • don’t get caught up in he-said/ she-said conversations that will do nothing more than ruin your day. These conversations are not worth the time it takes to read them. Sometimes no reaction is better for you than getting involved in someone else’s business.
  • take up new hobbies. Learn to play the guitar, knit, sew, draw, write anything at all, read a few books, find ways to help others over the phone or via the internet, find an online job even if the pay is small. Anything that gives you the feeling of accomplishment is worth the motivation and you may even have fun along the way.

Not A Means To An End

This is just a minor list of the things you can do to help alleviate the stress and depression brought on by this crazy new world we live in. However, doing some of these things as well as considering others can be a great start at learning how to breath when we all feel like the wind has been knocked out of us by life itself.

There really is no wrong way to relieve your own stress. Just find what works for you, and stop dwelling on the things that you would have been doing before. Start thinking about the things you will be doing next.

Set goals, make plans, make those goals a reality all while keeping your head on straight through these trying times.

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