Summer Reading Sale

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An author’s summer celebration sale!

From Independence Day to Amy Raines ‘ 40th Birthday, 4 eBooks by this author will be on a Buy One Get One Free Sale on Barnes & Noble. Follow the link below to add to your summer reading list!

Why This Sale Is So Long

With everything that has gone wrong this year, I wanted to do something that might would make something go right for others. Physical books as well as some eBooks can be quite expensive. As a rule, I, Amy Raines, always keep my eBooks and physical at the lowest possible price available so that they can be distributes worldwide and I can earn at least a little bit for my work.

All of my eBooks are sold for $2.99 and under. However, this July is something special for me, so I wanted to make it special for readers as well. I have a total of 4 eBooks available on Barnes and Noble that I created a special sale for.

In celebration of the 4th Of July (Independence Day) and my coming 40th Birthday, I decided to have a buy one eBook get one free sale on Barnes & Noble. That means, for under $3 you can purchase 2 eBooks.

I hope all avid readers and writers will join in on this celebration with me. Make 2020 the magical time it should have been before the pandemic and the rioting began! Click on any of the highlighted texts or the image below of The Gene to find the eBooks that will be on sale from July 4th, 2020 to July 22, 2020!

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