“The Gene” By Amy Lynn Raines

Free On Kobo Until June 30th

How “The Gene” Came To Be: The Challenge

As a self published author with children, I have discovered that some of the most entertaining inspiration comes from them.

I have never been a huge fan of western style movies or books because they always seemed to be a bit overdone in some places and underdone in others. In that frame of mind, I wrote a Western called Territorial Trespasses.

My daughter, Promise, was highly amused by these fun facts. She decided to give me a dare:

“Mom, you don’t like westerns but you wrote one and even a picky reader like me enjoyed it. I know you don’t like the super-heroes much either, so I dare you to make up your own!”

Challenge accepted, completed, and published, young lady. Enjoy!

For Promise’s entertainment as well as anyone else who enjoys super-heroes, “The Gene” is available on several different publishing sites, including Amazon, SmashWords, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.

In the spirit of my daughter’s idea giving nature, I have decided to place “The Gene” on a free promotion until June 30th. Follow the link below for your free copy!

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Book Description:

The Gene: Synopses

The Gene is not just your average superhero story… there is so much more to be discovered.

Eugene Evans, a seemingly autistic child holds many secrets in his young mind. His mother, Sara, is instructed by his doctor to take him to a facility that can help him better than modern medicine can.

“Chance Hill”, the facility Dr. Greene suggested proves to be exactly what Eugene and Sara need. The facility runs on a single principle, helping one another regardless of personal background, income or insurance.

Kaitlin, a scientist at Chance Hill, offers Sara a position as a veterinarian for the animals and livestock.

An orphaned little girl who is also presumed to be autistic, Carrie-Anne, warms up to Eugene very quickly and becomes part of the family but to what extent?

Silently, Eugene and Carrie build what seems to be a DNA strand, but who’s is it and why was it so important for them to build it?

After making an astounding discovery, Eugene and Carrie are caught using their unique powers to help others at various times.

The kids’ discoveries and the accuracy of their DNA strand prompt Kaitlin to run a DNA search of her own for clarification.

Kaitlin’s DNA test alerts others to a possible threat. Driver and Sheer seek out the owners of the DNA for very different reasons.

Sheer hires one of the people at Chance Hill to subdue Sara so that his men can take her to his layer. Eugene and Carrie hideout behind the facility where they witness two men fighting, one of them is a man called Driver who claims to be their father who convinces them to leave with him.

Angry over being abandoned by this man but desperate for help to find their mother, the kids go to Driver’s layer where they discover that their powers are more than just a familial gene, it is actually a human metamorphosis of DNA strands that allow these abilities to evolve over time.

Eugene, (nicknamed Gene for less confusion and for his ability to manipulate individual DNA cells), and Carrie help Driver tries to save Sara from Sheer. During their time with Driver and his best friend Smarty, they also find that the full capacity of their powers have not made themselves known because they are still growing and changing like any teenager does only with one major difference- their DNA cells are still going through the phases of metamorphosis.

Will Driver, Eugene, and Carrie be able to save Sara from Sheer before he decides that she is not the lure he needed to make Driver come to him? Why does Sheer want Driver on his side? Will Sheer’s attention be on obtaining Gene or Carrie, or both of them for his cause? Will the powerful teens ever go back to Chance Hill or stay with their father, Driver? Driver never knew about Eugene but why did he abandon Carrie-Anne when she was a baby? Will finding the answers to all of their questions cement them together as a family or rip them apart from the original betrayal?

As Eugene and Carrie grow and change- what other powers will surface? Will they ever escape Sheer’s crosshairs or will they have to spend the rest of their lives in hiding? Will they use their powers for good, for evil or will they attempt to live a normal life without using their powers at all?

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