Mirror Men Written By Amy Lynn Raines

Not yet released!

Mirror Men written by Amy Lynn Raines

A thriller/horror story in the making.

Read the description/minor synopsis below.

Mirror Men written by Amy Lynn Raines

Sneak Preview Synopsis:

This story is based on the age old superstition that anyone who sees their reflection in the window of a hearse is death’s next target. This superstition has delivered more than it’s fair share fear, mostly because it has rung all too true for many people throughout history.

While it is only natural to cringe at the thought or flinch as you close your eyes when seeing one of the eerie looking vehicles that carry the dead to their resting place. Sometimes, we just can’t help ourselves. Being marked for death is not a pleasant idea. But… what if the keepers of Hell decide to instruct death to force you to look whether you want to or not? How do you stop the inevitable massacre?

Do you close your eyes or turn your head in the opposite direction when a funeral progression makes it’s way to it’s ominous destination? Maybe, just maybe, once you realize the capacity of making that mistake; you too, will hide your reflection from the gaze of death.

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