Protesting Vs. Rioting

Making A Statement

Protesting a wrong-doing or anything else that is seemingly unjust or unfair to people in a nation, state, country, or community is a constitutional right that should be exercised in an orderly fashion. However, in recent weeks, protesting has escalated to the point of being out of control and potentially dangerous.

While the reasons for a protest make perfect sense, the way the protests are being carried out is an atrocious mockery of everything social justice is intended to convey. The intended message gets lost when such an ambiguous slant gets put on the protest so that it becomes a color-blind rant gone horribly wrong.

A protest, when carried out properly has a set of certain goals that should be the the main focus of the demonstration.

  1. Getting the attention of the community, nation, country, state, or world if it is so necessary.
  2. remaining peaceful while stating facts, preferable without animosity involved.
  3. Caring enough to not inhibit traffic, work, and community ties.
  4. Obeying law enforcement and stepping aside when needs be.
  5. Avoiding any act that causes damage to government, state, or other’s personal property.

A real protest is supposed to be a peaceful demonstration hosted and carried out by people who believe in the same things. A real protest is never a violent act.

What Is Happening?

Take a look at the pictures above, then at the ones from the beginning. You will see a major difference in behavior.

A protest gets the attention of the public and the media by making a statement about what is fair or unfair. There is really no such thing as an unsuccessful protest because the entire purpose is to get a point across. Even if nothing changes, the protesters have made their voices heard as well as their point, and their cause for concern.

The media, lately, has been dignifying acts of cruelty and violence by calling them protests. Damaging city, state, and federal property, fighting with police officers, and burning down buildings fit nothing that describes a true protest.

These violent outbursts and acts are nothing more than a bunch of people acting like spoiled children who have been denied cookies and milk before bedtime. They are shaming everything about the communitites they live in rather than making a statement that really matters.

Sure, they got the attention of the public and the media, but they have shed a bad light on their cause rather than a helpful one.

How? Think about it… If you’re protesting something that is supposed to better the community, how does it help anyone if you put the lower income families out of work by destroying their place of employment?

Just to clear things up, these acts of violence that start out as protests are an absolute disgrace to everything a real protest should be. It is true that it is in our constitutional rights to protest any unfairness or wrong-doings. However, committing crimes in the process changes things. These are not protests, they are riots conducted by people who should be called criminals rather than protesters.

Why Would Anyone Participate?

Just to be fair, during the most recent riot in Atlanta, a protester was adamnant when stating that his group was not responsible for the burning of the Wendy’s restraunt. It is still unclear whether or not that was true. However, just the fact that the protesters remained well after dark makes the whole thing look bad.


Typically, a protest is carried out in the day time hours because that’s when the people they want the attention of are actually in their place of business or another specific location. Conducting a protest at a Wendy’s restraunt after dark does nothing but cause violence to soar to begin with.

Therefore, even if the protesters were not directly involved in this crime, they are partly responsible because they did not conduct their protest properly.

What the protesters should have done was protest on the court house steps, keeping to the side so that daily business could still be carried out while they made their statement. This is proper protesting that would have gotten the attention of the law officers and media in a positive way.

Have you ever heard anyone say, “If you’re out on the streets after dark, not heading to or from work, you’re probably up to no good”? This rings true in pretty much any situation. Especially now that everything closes early because of the coronavirus.

Anyone can agree or disagree, but in the end we will simply agree to disagree. The truth of the matter is simple, violent acts do not solve injustices. Putting a racial slant on everything causes more racism rather than ending it, and those that participate in these events are no better than the people responsible for the original injustice.

In fact, these crimes make the protesters/rioters worse than the original injustice because they are causing more damage to the people in their communities that want nothing more than a true voice and true justice.

“Violence is not justice, it is a crime.”

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