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Staying At Home

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The mass majority of the people in the world are or were under stay at home orders due to the current pandemic known as COVID-19. Between figuring out if you are an essential worker or one of the billions of people who have had to resort to unemployment to pay the bills and learning to give your children the education they deserve, everything across the globe seems to be going haywire.

It is more important now than ever before that we learn how to control our anxiety and stress levels so that we do not inadvertently inflict any kind of harm to our most personal and precious relationships. These relationships include, but are not limited to- our significant other, our children, parents, family, friends and coworkers. You might be surprised how fast a person’s anxiety can snap when under the kind of pressure a stay at home order can inflict. This means we need to remember not to take out our frustrations on the people around us.

The best way to make the best of a stressful situation is to remember that the people we care about the most are not responsible for the pandemic the world is facing and that it is not fair of anyone to make others feel worse because they are in a bad situation.

First and foremost, if you are an essential worker and you’re frustrated from the constant issues faced with the efforts your job demands- remember to leave your problems with work at work. Your family does not need to be affected any more than absolutely necessary. Our loved ones deserve the love, respect and compassion that a lot of people do not seem to be exercising during this crisis.

Second, if you are not an essential worker- more than likely you are stuck at home doing chores that would typically wait until your days off or your vacation and teaching kids at home since they can not go to school at the moment. Whatever you are doing with your time, make sure to be compassionate and empathetic with the people that are stuck at home with you. Try to avoid lashing out with your anger and inadvertently hurting those around you when it is not their fault that the world is in a state of turmoil.

Their is no real fool proof way to keep your cool during this time. However, you can do a few things to lesson the chances of inflicting undue pain and judgement on others as we make our way through the first wave of the new coronavirus.

For example: this new way of delivering education to kids can be turned into a simple game that helps kids grow intellectually as well as forming lasting memories and bonds that will mean a whole lot more than you might imagine. Even household chores can be turned into a game that kids will see as fun as well as a chance to show their parents how responsible they have grown.

Take a step back in time. Treat the evening meal as if we were living in this world a century ago. Sit at the dining room or kitchen table and have a dinner time conversation with the family members you are stuck with at this time. Take turns reminiscing on fun things you did as a child, telling stories and jokes, and bonding over the new memories that are forming.

Keep in mind that we are all in this thing together and there is no need to treat each other like we do not matter because of the state of events that have brought on these stay at home orders. Claim the fun-loving nature of your family by creating family nights, family events, game times, movie times and meal times.

No matter what else the world may face, if we stick together like family as we work our way through this, we will come out the other side- better for the experience. Remember to keep your mood as light as you can. Exercise some extra empathy, compassion, understanding and keep your dignity and temper intact during this time. The people we love the most will love each other as well as us even more if we have some patience and understanding.

Keep moving forward, do not let a global crisis rip your home apart because tempers flared out of frustration. Keep the resentment and bitterness away from the people you are suppose to love and protect. Above all else, respect yourself as well as others.

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