Writing Is Art?

A very dear friend told me that writing is not art, especially when it is done by typing rather than with pencil and paper. Although I totally understand her point of view and respect her opinion, I have to wholeheartedly disagree.

Her thoughts were that writing is not a long, literally drawn out process, not really time consuming, and not exactly a fulfilling career or hobby. 

I in turn showed her the clipboard and3 ring binder I keep full of ideas, outlines, brainstorms and references. Some of them are weeks and months old. 

Explaining the process any writer must go through to get to the final copy that we publish. Writing is a lot of work: there is note taking, research, brainstorms, outlines, editing and revising. 

Writing is art in a every real sense of the word. Although, some writings may be quickly written, that by no means lessens the art of the process.

Sometimes a writer gets a burst of inspirational thought that will fall into place immediately, but more often than not it is a very long, drawn out process. 

What’s more, is what truly makes writing an interesting form of art is the fact that whether the writing is a quick burst or not; the writer enjoys the entire process and feels the need to share this work with the world. 

From beginning to end, the writing process is very interesting and fun. Just as interesting and fun as a painter painting or a sketch artist sketching. Writing is art, just using words to paint the picture rather than colors.

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