What’s Driving The Natural Disaster Outbreak of 2017? 

By: Amy Lynn Raines

Good Weather Bad Weather: What’s The Difference?


There have been so many natural disasters this year that it is almost unreal.

From the hurricanes that are in multiple areas of the oceans to earthquakes in various places. 

Could this be caused by the La Niña on its way out or an El Niño on its way in. 

Could the eclipse have cause residual effects on our planet’s atmospheric pressure? 

Could it be the perfect combination of all of these things? 

Could the natural world be so easily explained away by science? Or is there another, more divine way to explain these occurrences?

Let’s examine the facts: 

Multiple hurricanes, 2 major earthquakes in Mexico, earthquakes elsewhere throughout the Earth, tropical depressions, tornadoes, cyclones to varying degrees, floods, landslides, typhoons to varying degrees, wildfires, windstorms, draughts, avalanches and cold waves. 

According to, Christian meteorologist David Meade, the natural disasters and astrological events are proof of the biblical “end of days” . Meade uses multiple scriptures to explain how all the events combined is a prophecy of the coming doomsday. 

Meades use of Egyptian pyramid date markers lead him to believe the date of September 23rd is the day that the world will end.


According to the Bible

Not to demean David Meade, the bible or Christian beliefs in general ;a true believer in Christianity knows that the bible itself states “of that day and hour no one knows”. This particular phrase is found in Matthew 24:36-39. 

While it is true that the bible does speak about multiple types of natural disasters and astrological events as well as sicknesses and plagues; none of these things prove the end of days is near nor do they prove its not. The bible is supposed to be a guide for the word of God, a way for God to outline the behavior of the past as well as the present to His Christian followers. The Bible is not supposed to be used to create mass hysteria, fear and panic. However, some do use it for this purpose even if they do not realize that’s what they’re doing. 


According to Science

El Niño is unusually warm water events in the ocean that happen during colder weather. Causing wetter conditions in and around the Gulf of Mexico and across the bottom portions of North America.

La Niña is colder than normal sea surface temperatures in warmer weather. The effects of La Niña are commonly the opposite of what the El Niño causes, such as warmer weather during winter months in the same areas described above.


 La Niña and El Niño are naturally occurring events along the equator below South America. 

During an El Niño; ocean currents pick up and combined with atmospheric pressure this normally results in a high number of various types of storms, from tropical waves to category hurricanes and even tornadoes through affected areas. 

During a La Niña; draughts worsen, warmer winters in the South Eastern areas with harsher winters in the North western areas of North America.

The Earth’s seismic activity is easily explained by science. The entire world is a huge jigsaw puzzle of fault lines. Some are major fault lines that can cause massive damage when tectonic plates move and others that are very minor that may shake enough to be felt by people but most likely not so much. 

The reason for the seismic activity is simple; The Earth rotates and has magnetic effects like gravity and inner movement. This causes earthquakes and volcanic activity as well as tsunami at times. 

Some blame all of the above events on Global Warming. 

Again, not to  demean or discredit anyone about anything; but while global warming may play a part in some of these issues it by no means covers it all. 

Every disaster outlined here are all naturally occurring events caused by natural circumstances. All of which are the consequences of living on a planet that moves and rotates. These naturally occurring events are also necessary to the health of our planet even if we do not realize it or want to deal with it.

Weather has to happen. Every living thing cleans and renews itself in some way. The Earth is no different. If a you think about weather in terms of bathing it actually makes perfect sense.

For example, if something is only dusty, wipe it down with a damp cloth; if its seriously dirty, wash it thoroughly with plenty of soap and water then rinse. The damp cloth is the equivalent of rain showers, minor storms, and calm currents. The serious cleaning is the equivalent of typhoons, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc…



Do I believe in God? Yes, I do. However, I absolutely do not base every single event on the hand of God when scientific evidence shows and proves what is going on with the weather. We as humans can not blame every event on Armageddon. It just makes no sense to do so when the bible itself states otherwise. 

When the end of days come no one will know until it happens. This means no warning. Do not expect huge weather and astrological events leading up to the final days on earth.

If a person truly pays attention to what the bible says then they will see also,  there will be no rhyme or reason; there will be no huge catastrophe. When the time comes it will just happen, its that simple. 

In the meantime, while people are waiting for the final hour ; paying attention to science is a good idea. After all, is science not something we were given knowledge of?  

Therefore, instead of Chrisians believing science is basically contradicting the bible. They should realize that science is the key to life through the knowledge we are blessed with, not our possible impending doomsday being prophecized about something no human being will ever know until it actually happens.


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